Customer Testimonials


First, thank you for your accommodation of my tight scheduling issue.

Secondly, thank you for your time and thorough review of the house from top to bottom.
I appreciate your thorough observations and insights as to the history of the property.

Lastly, thank you for your very thorough and informative write-up report from the inspection. I have read through roughly half of it and plan to read & re-read it. It will become a part of the file of the history of this house … a file that I intend to research further to see if I can pinpoint a more exact “start date”.

I will certainly hold on to your contact information and recommend you as a resource.


Jeff Brigden

PS – I did buy the house!

Hi Jim,

This is to let you know that we received your report and recommendations concerning our home inspection and maintenance, respectively. My wife and I are very impressed by your thoroughness, timeliness, and overall professionalism. If you ever need a reference, please let us know; we would be happy to oblige.

Lee Czerniawski

Thank you, Jim

We appreciate your coming out to do an inspection and providing a detailed report. Thanks, especially, for FINDING the crack.

After you left, I went back to Angie’s list and found Clink Builders and see that they have a good rating. Also, we found information on a company called The Crack Team — they appear to be franchised throughout the Midwest and East. They do an epoxy injection repair from the inside.

Leslie Krupman

Mr Wright, We are so pleased with the form, clarity, and attention to detail of your report. It will greatly assist us in purchasing and maintaing out home, preserving it’s value, and keeping it safe! It was a pleasure to meet you and work win you. I will highly recommend your services to others!

Sarah Zabic


I will review the report this evening and follow up with you if I have any questions.

It was a pleasure watching you in action yesterday. You lived up to your commitments and gave the home a very thorough inspection. Feel free to use me as a reference for any future home buyer. You are well versed on all aspects of home construction and utilities, extremely thorough and committed to your work, and provided a timely report as promised.

I will recommend you to other friends and family. I think the realtor, Becky, was also very impressed. She has observed a range of house inspectors in action and clearly ranked you at the top of her experience.

Steve Rowan – Americas Procurement Manager

Hi James.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your report and helping me our with my car. They never came to clear the street, so I left the car at the house overnight and just walked home. In the morning I woke up the the police asking me about my missing car. Very funny. In picking up my car, I met the owner’s son, who told me that he was the
person that put in the vermiculite insulation. Needless to say he wasn’t pleased to hear your findings. Patty is having someone come look at the insulation tomorrow. If all negotiations go through, I will contact Residental Asbestos Removal for an estimate too. Thank you for the recommendation.

Also, Patty was kind enough to send someone to look at the no longer snow covered roof today. As you indicated, he found that the gutters are completely filled. He also found that there is some heavy growth of moss and lichens on the roof. According to him it would be $700 to clean it all up. Sadly, he doesn’t even know the state of the roof under the moss and lichens. We also still don’t have a concrete date on the age of it.

Well, again, thank you so much for your detailed report. It will be very helpful in our negotiations and renovations in the future.



Thank you for your trustworthy and thorough inspection of the property. We very much appreciate the care and concern you displayed in meticulously looking over the house. It not only gives us peace of mind, but also a tangible/reasonable idea of what things to ask the seller for and what things we can do for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the property.
You will be someone I highly recommend.

Best regards,
Josh Griswold

Hi, Dear Mr. Wright,

Thank you very much for your inspection report! I thought I wouldn’t get it until later today. I am very impressed with your work professionalism. Your ways of inspection and explanations to us make you the best one in this field. I would love to recommend you to any friends and collegues who may need your expertise in the future.
Thanks again!


Hi Jim,

Thank you again for the exemplary inspection and report. The sellers will have the garage repaired prior to title transfer. I couldn’t have done that without your help.



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