Western Reserve Home Inspection provides professional, detailed inspections for individuals and families buying residential and commercial properties. Most houses or buildings, whether old or new, have some hidden conditions that are not apparent on a superficial examination. A professional inspection allows buyers to make an informed purchase, knowing what problems and expenses they can anticipate. A professional inspection of a property done before selling will inform the seller about the structural and mechanical condition and highlight any repairs or maintenance that may be necessary. Western Reserve Home Inspection also provides periodic inspections of properties and structures to aid in maintaining them.

Western Reserve Home Inspection is certified as a Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) by the National Association of Home Inspectors and is also a multi-year Angie’s List Super Service Award winner, most recently for 2011.

Partial inspections or inspections of particular items or areas are also available upon request. In particular, Western Reserve performs many structural integrity inspections of buildings and foundations. Inspections for sellers are one of the best ways to prevent being surprised by the need to repair or replace items before offering a house or building for sale. Maintenance inspections are useful to determine remaining lifetimes of expensive items such as roofs, furnaces, air-conditioning, waterheaters and other equipment.

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